Directors and Biographies

Clinton Ashford, MD, FACOG– Chairman, Chief Medical Officer, Director

  • Dr. Ashford has practiced OB/GYN in Athens, Georgia since 1982, and has practiced only Gynecology since 2006.
  • Since 1994, Dr. Ashford has pioneered the development of physician-directed, pay-for-performance methodologies using episode-grouping technology.
  • Dr. Ashford originated the MedAlign solution, allowing patients to have free-choice of physician, with their physician being paid supplementary fees to manage and coordinate healthcare services for his/her patients.
  • Dr. Ashford obtained his B.A. in Economics from the University of Georgia and both his M.D. and his residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical College of Georgia.

Jeffrey W. Baldwin, FACHE

  • Mr. Baldwin is an independent healthcare consultant with both government and private sector experience.
  • Mr. Baldwin’s career includes healthcare operations in clinics, hospitals and health systems; contracting with providers for third party payers; and enhancing client knowledge and perspective in all aspects of their operations and strategic planning.
  • Mr. Baldwin received his BS in Biology from Allegheny College and his MBA in Healthcare Administration from The George Washington University.

Robert Desmond – Director

  • Mr. Desmond is the Portfolio Manager of L&S Partners, a private hedge fund focusing on the financial industry.
  • Mr. Desmond spent most of his career as a banker, most recently as President and COO of Republic Capital Group, a multi-state savings bank holding company.
  • He currently serves on the Board of Federal City Bancorp and is on the Advisory Board of FIG Partners, a licensed broker dealer specializing in the banking industry.
  • Mr. Desmond received his BSBA from Georgetown University and is a CPA.


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